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There was a time when free-to-play hidden object games (HOGs) were as abundant as teeth in a shark's mouth. Alas, the offerings of the genre have already been a bit anemic because the popularity of Facebook games have dropped in favor of cellular titles.

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HOGs may be down, but they are not out. The Agent Alice of Wooga encapsulates a whole lot of what drove players to these mystery stories in the first place: Wonderful art, interesting mini-games, and also a story that is a little cheesy, but nonetheless powerful. Regrettably, the experience is bogged by long and regular wait times down quite a bit.

Agent Alice's actions spans across multiple episodes, seemingly stepped out of a dream and starting using a story about a murderous horned king who controls vines.

Agent Alice's hidden object scenes are pretty traditional. A wreck of things is scattered around each scene, paired using a record of things you need to find in the mayhem. In the event that you go fast, the quicker you pat items, the better: You Are awarded point multipliers. Said multipliers are the easiest method to make stars for every hidden thing scene, which then should go towards narrative progress.

Stars are just one reason why Agent Alice moves quite slowly. You often need to cough up them in case you intend to move ahead in the narrative, but earning them demands one to grind concealed object scenes over and over.

This isn't so good on its own - item standings really change up, which helps keep the challenge fresh - but all that grinding that is necessary depletes your energy stores in no time.

In other words, the machinists of Agent Alice make it a very stop-and-go story. The mysteries are simple to follow, but the constant requirement to pay costs makes it quite easy to lose your place over and over.

Sometimes the problem does not Agent Alice hack even revolve around stars or energy. Occasionally you simply need to do some great old-fashioned waiting for the heck of it. Ready to really get to the climax of that case you have been attempting to crack? Wait an hour first. Desire to move on to the next episode? Wait five hours.

Wait times may be erased with cash, which, unsurprisingly, is readily got through an in-app purchase.

Waiting around is not a new notion in free-to-play games, least of all free-to-play HOGs. But Agent Alice is not good about throwing you against a wall apparently every couple of minutes.

Agent Alice's wait times are its biggest weakness. If you can accept them (or if you have cash to blow on in-program purchases), there's a solid HOG here that genre fans should love. That simply makes the gratuitous waits for the rest of us all the more aggravatin

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